Ideas and Strategies for Engaging Math Classrooms

Stories and strategies to help make math classrooms fun and effective learning spaces!


  • Flexible Grouping Strategies

    I started hearing the term “flexible grouping” a few years ago. It was a new concept for me, since I had been taught to group heterogeneously and pull out as needed. I certainly changed up my groups often and switched from groups of 3 to 4 to 6 to 2 as I thought best fit my lesson. Did this mean I was utilizing flexible grouping? Not quite.

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  • Building Relationships with Parents and Stakeholders

    Parents want to be involved. These strategies can help you to harness the power of families by giving them ways to support their students.

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  • Welcome Activities for the New School Year!

    Fun, engaging, welcoming and insightful activities for the first day of school! Your planning is done! ✅

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  • Classroom Routines

    As we look forward to a new school year, now is the time to consider classroom rituals and routines. How do you want your classroom to run next year? What should kids do when they get to your class? How do you expect them to hand in work? What should they do when they have questions or need supplies? Now is the time to visualize the classroom environment you’d like to see next year, and plan for it!

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  • Creating Videos for your Flipped Classroom

    Often, I start by asking myself, “why do the kids need to know to do tomorrow’s work?” and I create the video that gives that instruction. Let’s say, for example, the goal of the next lesson is to be able to multiply binomials. I know what that standard looks like on the test, on the next quiz, on the project we’ll be doing next week, and on tomorrow’s work (backwards design there), so what knowledge do I need to impart in this video so they can do that work?

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  • Differentiating with Tech Games

    Ed tech games can be a powerful way to differentiate your class for both advanced learners and those who need remediation.

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