Ideas and Strategies for Engaging Math Classrooms

Stories and strategies to help make math classrooms fun and effective learning spaces!


  • Classroom Routines

    As we look forward to a new school year, now is the time to consider classroom rituals and routines. How do you want your classroom to run next year? What should kids do when they get to your class? How do you expect them to hand in work? What should they do when they have…

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  • Creating Videos for your Flipped Classroom

    Often, I start by asking myself, “why do the kids need to know to do tomorrow’s work?” and I create the video that gives that instruction. Let’s say, for example, the goal of the next lesson is to be able to multiply binomials. I know what that standard looks like on the test, on the…

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  • Differentiating with Tech Games

    Ed tech games can be a powerful way to differentiate your class for both advanced learners and those who need remediation.

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  • Math = Noise

    There is a ton of research that shows students learn best in a collaborative environment. Acquiring knowledge is more effective and productive when you can discuss the work in a group of peers. Some may understand the work better than you, so they can explain it to you. Others may not understand as well, so…

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  • Menu Projects: Build Student Choice and Differentiation in your Classroom

    Ever heard of a menu project? It’s just like it sounds, a menu of different products a student can create to demonstrate their mastery of a topic. They’re an amazing tool for bringing student choice, differentiation and project based learning to your classroom.

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  • Preparing to Flip your Classroom

    If you’ve been thinking about flipping your classroom I can’t urge you enough to DO IT!!!!! I flipped my class 8 years ago and I will never go back. It was the greatest move I have ever made for my students’ success and my sanity. I am now a facilitator in my room, and the…

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