Model Teacher, Big Apple Award Recipient, NYS Excellence in Math Award Recipient, National Board Certified, Professional Development Leader

Ms. Hinchcliffe served as a Math Instructor in Middle and High Schools in NYC for 18 years. She pioneered several engaging and highly effective strategies that have proven results in Math Classrooms. In 2016 she was honored to receive both the NY Big Apple Award and the NYS Excellence in Teaching Award. She was a Model teacher and a Mentor to new teachers, and received her National Board Certification in 2021.

In 2019, Ms. Hinchcliffe was tapped to lead a math department at a middle school in the Bronx. The school had a 56% proficiency rating in Math at that time and a 82% proficiency rating in English. Under Ms. Hinchcliffe’s tutelage, the school’s proficiency rating in Math grew to 81% in just 2 years. She did this through a combination of professional development, and one-on-one coaching in the department. She instructed on differentiating to meet learner needs, using data to drive instruction, and increasing engagement through collaboration in the classroom.

Engagement and differentiation are the cornerstones of Jonelle’s pedagogical philosophy. She runs professional development on differentiating every lesson for advanced learners, on-grade learners and below level learners. Additionally, she helps teachers create lessons that contain fun activities that engage students and help them to work collaboratively. Attendees at her PDs learn how to differentiate lessons fluidly and love the creative games and activities she shares with them.

Ms. Hinchcliffe has embraced technology to push differentiation. She understands and instructs on how to use Edpuzzle, flipgrid, showme, google classroom, quizlet, quizizz, blooket, plickers, gradecam, google suite, and more. The data from this technology is then used to strategically target students and group them accordingly for remediation or advanced opportunities. Her goal is that every class is differentiated with students working on at least three different activities depending on their individual needs.

Jonelle was a pioneer of the flipped classroom 8 years ago. She runs professional development to help other teachers to understand how flipping their classes can put them in the role of a facilitator instead of a “sage on the stage”, thereby increasing efficacy of class-time. 

Jonelle is also an expert with Interactive Notebooks and how to use them to support student learning and study skills. She leads professional development on how interactive notebooks can be used in any subject area.

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